Foundations of Unarmed Stage Combat

Take a dive into the art of stage combat, and learn how to land safely! We'll cover a range of topics every actor will at some point likely encounter, including pratfalls, punches/slaps/kicks, contact versus non-contact hits, chokes and grappling, working in non-proscenium spaces, and honing the partnering and acting skills that let you pull it all off safely and effectively, whether you're doing serious drama or slapstick comedy. Have fun, work hard, and play safe!

About the Instructor: Kevin Inouye is a Certified Teacher with the Society of American Fight Directors (and in Chekhov and Margolis work), a SAG-AFTRA stunt performer, author, armorer, and award-winning fight choreographer/coordinator with over 100 live theatre and over 30 screen choreography credits. He has previously taught at as faculty at Case Western Reserve University and the University of Wyoming, as well as at workshops and conferences across North America.

The class will take place Sundays, April 21- May 12, 6pm-8pm at Oregon Contemporary Theatre. $125/4 sessions, call the OCT offices at 541-684-6988 to sign up!

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