Writing Dramatic Conflict

Writing Dramatic Conflict with Paul Calandrino
Tuesdays, 6:00-8:00pm, April 23 - June 11

In my workshops, Iím fond of saying that every scene is an argument, but that doesnít tell the whole story of dramatic conflict. Screenwriter Linda Cowgill has written that: ďDramatic conflict is the struggle that grows out of the interplay of opposing forces (ideas, interests, or wills). Conflict creates the tension that awakens our instinctive desire to watch people fight it out. Implied in it is action: the characters' desires to achieve their ends, which in turn puts them at odds with the opposing forces.Ē
In other words, dramatic conflict is driven by character. In this workshop we will explore character-driven conflict that leads to action. Open to playwrights of all levels.

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Image Writing Dramatic Conflict

Image 2 Writing Dramatic Conflict

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