To Own A Dali

Brave Umbrella Productions, a new theatre company, presents the new, original work, To Own A Dali by David Gallagher and Juliet Rutter. If you love a piece of artwork, you purchase it and care for it in your home - but can you truly own it? Or does each person's unique interpretation of art make ownership an illusion? Can the same be said for a relationship? To Own A Dali revolves around 5 characters as they explore different types of romantic relationships–with no judgement towards someone being polyamorous, monogamous, or single. 

To Own A Dali was written to address how the traditional idea of a relationship is changing rapidly. Ultimately, the show strives to promote acceptance for any type of relationship–with the characters respecting and embracing each other's personal choices. Playwrights David Gallagher and Juliet Rutter utilize symbolic conversation to explore themes of romance and communication, which are juxtaposed by choreographed movement pieces by Aaron Carter. 

The cast features Sam Bridgnell, Aimee Hamilton, Courtney Roberts, Juliet Rutter, and Becca Blanchard. To Own A Dali features music solely from local artists, including such as Rainwalkers, Tyler Morin, Cullen Vance, and more. 

Performances are October 19, 20, and 21 at 7:30 PM at the Oregon Contemporary Theatre’s studio space: 194 W Broadway; Eugene, OR 97401. Tickets are $12 and can be purchased at and at the Oregon Contemporary Box office, in advance or at the door. The OCT box office can be reached at (541) 465-1506. 

Brave Umbrella Productions is a new, Eugene-based theatre company founded by University of Oregon alumni Gabe Carlin, David Gallagher, Echo Johnson, and Juliet Rutter in 2016. Their mission is to create bold theatre that excites contemporary artists and audiences.

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