2014-2015 Season

Season 23, our second full season in our home on Broadway!

  • Becky Foster is stuck in neutral until an honest misunderstanding with a wealthy widower offers her the chance at an exciting double life . . . and she takes it.

  • A valentine to youth, life, love, and the strange beauty of human interconnectedness.

  • Will must make a choice: can he have a normal life and healthy relationship with his son, or should he hold on to the beliefs that give his life meaning?

  • One of theatre's most notorious couples square off in Albee's hilarious and harrowing masterpiece.

  • A Rolling World Premiere whimsical comedy about love, aging, bad luck, and airport security.

  • 18-year-old Dontrell Jones the Third decides that it is his duty and destiny to venture into the Atlantic Ocean in search of an ancestor lost during the middle passage.

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