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Script Submissions

  • Oregon Contemporary Theatre currently accepts script submissions from both playwrights and agents. While taste is, ultimately, subjective, here are some guidelines that may help determine whether your play is right for us:

    - As a general rule, we do not currently produce children's theatre, screenplays, one-acts shorter than 90 minutes (full-length plays without intermission are accepted), or collections of one-act plays. 

    - OCT is looking for scripts that fit our mission. We are eager to produce bold works that challenge and inspire our community, encourage dialogue, and support positive change. We encourage you to explore our current and past seasons to give you an indication of the quality of works we are looking for.

    - OCT also looks for scripts that fit well with our resources. As such, we respond well to works that will play well in an intimate, 3/4-thrust setting, with casts of 10 or less. However, your script will not be denied for having more than 10 characters.


    Submissions should include a 10-page sample of the playwright's work. If a sample strikes as a possible fit for OCT, we will contact you to request a full manuscript.

    - Please also include: production/development history; clear cast breakdown; a brief plot synopsis; and a brief playwright's biography. 

    - All documents submitted should be in a pdf format; we are unable to accept Final Draft or similar files at this time, nor are we accepting hard copy submissions.

    - OCT is an active associate member of the National New Play Network. Please be sure to note if you have participated before in an NNPN showcase reading, Rolling World Premiere, or other NNPN program.

    Questions and submissions should be emailed to: Tara@octheatre.org and include Script Submission in the subject line.

    Click here for information regarding submissions to the Northwest Ten Festival of 10-Minute Plays.

    We have a small staff and endeavor to respond within 90 days of your submission, should we desire additional pages. OCT is invested in the development and longevity of playwrights and their works. Thank you for your time,  your energy, and your interest in OCT!

  • Script Submissions | Get Involved
  • Script Submissions | Get Involved
  • Script Submissions | Get Involved

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